Cena Interpipes realizes for the Energy industry drilled
compenents as per drawing, such as spindle shafts,
tail shafts, turbine shafts, and accessories.


For the offshore industry, Cena Interpipes participates in
major global projects, contributing to the supply of
connection risers, special accessories such as tappered
joint, pup pieces, special handling and lifting cylinders.


Manufacture of special out of standard pipes, with heavy
wall thickness, length and / or critical relationship between
thickness and diameter. Accessories for completing tubular
products such as buckle arrestors, tapered joint and risers.

Plants & Machineries

ena Interpipes realizes on customer specification and / or
design components such as pipes, drilled shafts,
accessories starting from forged details.

Marine & Railway

For the shipping industry Cena Interpipes manufactures
important components such as propeller shafts, handling shafts,
engine shafts. For the railway industry Cena Interpipes
contributes to the productions of railways and axillary shafts.

Nuclear Industry

Cena Interpipes owns all the necessary skills for the
production and the processing of components dedicated to
the nuclear industry, such as pipings, shafts, connestions
and other critical elements.
elementi critici.

Hydraulic industry

Cena Interpipes manufactures components and
accessories for the hydraulic industry such as handling and
lifting devices, special finished item as per drawing,
hydraulic cylinders.

Cena Interpipes is always at your disposal for personal advice and quotations